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About Rapids at Belmeade

Within a short drive of Uptown Charlotte, CLT Airport and the US National Whitewater Center, The Rapids at Belmeade is a highly desired location.

The neighborhood is managed by Red Rock Community Management Company and has a board which consists of 5 neighbors.

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Management Company

Our HOA is managed by Red Rock Management. They have an online portal where you can access your payments, violations, submit ACC requests, see monthly financials, and have access to a community newsletter and calendar. If you have not already, you can sign up here


This is our community so if you see an area that needs attention or are aware of a situation that is unsafe, you are encouraged to report it to Red Rock Management.


Owners who wish to bring any issues before the board should notify Red Rock Management. All questions concerning The Rapids at Belmeade should be referred to Red Rock via their portal at; email or via phone at (888) 757-3376.

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Assessments and Dues

The purpose of annual assessments is to maintain Common Areas (which includes landscaping, general maintenance and repair, property taxes, and property insurance), to cover the cost of Common Area utilities (which includes electricity and water/sewage usage), and to contribute to the fiscal well-being of the community. 


The annual assessment for The Rapids at Belmeade iare due in 4 installments. Voucher booklets are mailed out at the beginning of each year.

Due 01/01 – Late 01/31 late fee charged after this date

Due 04/01 – Late 05/01 late fee charged after this date

Due 07/01 – Late 07/31 late fee charged after this date

Due 10/01 – Late 10/31 late fee charged after this date


Payment Options

Auto Payments – Free via portal

ECheck – Free via portal

Credit Card – 3.5% merchant fee associated with each payment via portal

Pay by mail – Free. Payments to be addressed to


                 Rapids at Belmeade HOA, C/O RedRock, 

                 PO Box 996


                 GA 30529


Failure to pay the assessment will result in a lien being attached to your property until the account is paid in full; additional legal fees and fines will also be applied to your account. Failure to satisfy a lien will result in more legal fees and fines and the association may move to foreclose on the delinquent owners’ property. 


Any unpaid fees will be collected during the sale of the property and taken from your profit.

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Violations and Late Fees

Violations are sent via mail and email, you have 15 days from date of violation to correct or appeal. 

If this is not rectified within the 15 days, you will receive a hearing notice. From here you have 10 days to call in and state your case.

After 10 days with no response, you will receive a result of hearing which will list your penalty and fines – up to $100/day.

5 days later you will receive communication and your account will begin to see the fines daily/weekly/per inspection as per hearing results.

These fines will accumulate until paid. Your house could end up in foreclosure for non-payment.

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Architectural Control - ARC

No improvements are to be undertaken upon any lot without approval of the Architectural Committee.


To request approval for any improvement, please complete the Architectural Request Form online from RedRock Management. 


Log into your account – Account Info – ARC Requests – Add ACC Request. 

There is a one time application fee of $20.


Minimal information to include:

  • Site dimensions and location – must be behind the house pad, not visible looking head on at your property.

  • External color and design – it must conform with the community look

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What is Venn Rapids Doing?

Venn Rapids still own several areas within our community and are aware there are a lot of items that need to be completed. The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are coming out to survey different things and supply a list to Venn Rapids of items that need to be finished before they can complete the neighborhood and hand it over to the right entities.


This is a list of items they have to work on:

- Completing Road surfaces

- Fix Concrete curbs

- Finishing Sidewalks

- Drainage - various locations

- Retention Ponds

- Straightening Street Signs

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Trash Services

We are not part of Charlotte City, so we have to arrange for our own trash services. Here is a list of the main ones that are used within the neighborhood.

Select Sanitation -
Republic Services - 

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What’s Recyclable?


  • Glass bottles/jars (we will only take glass from Mecklenburg County Residents), Cans, Plastic Water Bottles, Juice & Milk cartons, Newspapers, Phone Books, and Magazines. Rinse out bottles/cartons and flatten/cut down all cardboard placed inside container. All recyclables should be clean and empty. (Any plastic containers that have been in contact with Food are not recyclable.)


  • YARD WASTE OF ANY KIND, Food, HOUSEHOLD items (glassware, dishes, clothes), Plastic Bags, Styrofoam and Styrofoam Packing Peanuts, Diapers, Home Air Filters, Razor Blades, Syringes, Wire Clothes Hangers, No scrap metal or auto parts, wood, shredded paper, plastic film, bubble wrap, cords, Paint/Paint Cans, Ceramic Pottery, Plastic hanging Pots & Batteries, No Plastic food containers of any kind.

  • ABSOLUTELY No Garbage In the Recycle Bin!

Due to the hazardous nature of the following items, please DO NOT PUT IN THE TRASH RECEPTACLE or RECYCLE BINS (Call our office regarding these items):

  • Paint, Paint Thinners and Solvents

  • Automotive Oil or Antifreeze

  • Cooking Oil

  • Medical Waste (Needles must be in a puncture proof container)

  • Pool Chemicals

  • Dead Animals

  • Car/Truck Batteries

  • Pesticides

  • Drain Cleaners


  • ALL boxes should be broken down/cut down and placed inside the recycle container. If you choose to recycle you must request a 95gal. recycle container, as we no longer offer the 18gal. bins. You must remove packing materials from inside any boxes and then break them down and put inside container. We are fully automated with the recycling, so everything should be inside the containers. Our drivers will not pickup boxes nor breakdown any boxes outside the container.

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AT&T Ground Covers Broken

Repair Department - No Account Needed
P: 866 410 7414

Make sure to have the address and brief description of where the issue is.
When they ask you for the account number, just let them know this is a 'No Service - issue in the field'.
They should get out to repair the issue within 24-48 hours. 


Charlotte Water

We are a part of Charlotte Water for Storm and Drainage. If there are any items that need to be addressed you can contact them directly or via the 311 Char Meck App

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